Gundam Models In NZ: Crafting Sci-Fi World With Skillful Precision

Gundam Models In NZ: Crafting Sci-Fi World With Skillful Precision

Gundam models have become a captivating hobby for enthusiasts in Aotearoa and worldwide. These impressive models offer a unique blend of artistic expression, attention to detail and a touch of sci-fi wonder - and at the end, you get an awesome model that you can proudly display in your home. The realm of NZ Gundam models is large and impressive, so you might be nervous about getting started.

Understanding Gundam Models

Gundam models are scale replicas of the incredible mobile suits in the popular Japanese series ‘Mobile Suit Gundam.’ However, you should know that you don’t have to be an avid watcher of any of the anime, a dedicated reader of any of the manga or a player of any of the Gundam video games to enjoy these intricate models. Many people love assembling and collecting these models for the fun of it, and amassing large and impressive collections of these mighty mechs.

These model kits are produced by Bandai and come in various scales and complexities, allowing both beginners and seasoned hobbyists to find kits that match their skill levels. The models themselves are often referred to as ‘Gunpla,’ which is derived from ‘Gundam plastic model.’

The intricate details of these models make them more than just static displays - they’re often highly articulated, allowing you to dynamically pose your NZ gundam models around your home. They make for fantastic decor pieces, especially for those who appreciate the impressive designs of these mechs. Additionally, the kits often come with accessories such as weapons, shields and other add-ons for you to equip your models with.

Taking a bunch of plastic parts and turning them into a miniature mobile suit may seem difficult at first, but many of these model kits have no need for glue or paint. The individual pieces can be put together like a puzzle, so you don’t need to stress about using the right kind of paint or using too much (or too little) glue. This makes them accessible to a wide range of hobbyists, from people who are picking out their very first Gunpla model to hobbyists who already have large collections.

The allure of the hobby extends beyond the assembly and collection of models - many people love indulging in the camaraderie that can be found with other Gunpla enthusiasts. People can have a fun time bonding over their favourite NZ Gundam models, collecting specific kits and talking about their experiences with the hobby.

Key Considerations When Purchasing Your Own Gunpla Models

Gundam is a series that so many people love for countless different reasons, but with a universe so vast and hundreds of models to choose from, you may have trouble knowing where to start. Even if you’re already familiar with the different suits presented in the anime and manga, you may still struggle with choosing your very first kit.

To help you out, consider the following:

Price Range. NZ Gundam models come in a wide range of prices, catering to various budgets. The simpler and easier models are often much cheaper, ranging anywhere from $10 to $30. However, the more complex ones are usually more expensive. Rare kits that had a limited release or are no longer in production can also fetch higher prices.

Detail Level. The different kits are put into various categories to separate the simpler sets to the more complex ones, with the simpler kits being easier for casual hobbyists and beginners and the complex sets being treasured by hardcore enthusiasts.

Beginners can start easy with the more accessible High Grade (HG) kits. If you’re experienced, or up for a challenge, then you can take on the Master Grade (MG) or Perfect Grade (PG) kits, which are larger and more detailed.

Additionally, there are also Super Deformed (SD) kits that are in their own category. Rather than being scale models of the mobile suits appearing in the franchise, these are intentionally altered mechs that are adapted to a ‘chibi’ style with larger heads, bigger eyes and exaggerated features.

Tools And Accessories. Any experienced Gunpla hobbyist will tell you that perfectly taking a plastic piece out from its framing can be a challenge at times. If you’re just using your hands, you may have trouble with tiny bits of plastic from the frame staying on the pieces themselves, rather than having a clean piece.

No worries, you can make your NZ Gundam model experience a cleaner and easier process with the right tools. Cutting tools, precision tweezers and even specialised tweezer scissors can be your best friends when putting together intricate models.

Bringing The World Of Gundam Into Your NZ Home

Building NZ Gundam models is more than just a hobby - it's a way for you to delve into the world of Gundam, expressing your creativity and craftsmanship while collecting your favourite designs. At Totara Hobbies, you can start your Gunpla journey right with our selection of high-quality model kits.

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