Panasonic BK-3HCCE BK-3HCCE/4BT Eneloop PRO AA 4PK

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Panasonic BK-3HCCE BK-3HCCE/4BT Eneloop PRO AA 4PK Pack 2550mAh 1.2V designed for high drain devices.

The world's leading alternative to dry cell batteries offering high performance, long life and environmental benefits. Thanks to extremely low self-discharge, pre-charged Eneloop can be used immediately or stored for up to 5 years.

Can be used right after purchase and reused repeatedly by recharging.
We considered this is the battery which we need from now on. 

Each eneloop battery can be recharged up to 500 times , which means that the purchase and use of a single eneloop cell can keep many hundreds of batteries from entering landfills!

Low self-discharge capability means you can use our pre-charged eneloop batteries immediately after purchase, just like a conventional battery. Even after five years in the closet, eneloop batteries are good to go-something other rechargeable batteries just can't complete with. This makes eneloop ideal for everyday appliances such as clocks, toys, and remote controllers, as well as the torches and radios you tend to forget until an emergency.*1

* Battery tested at 20°C ambient temperature, self-discharging condition 740mA (E.V.=1.0V). Comparison made with comparable nickel-metal hydride battery (Min.2500mAh).
*1 Avoid leaving batteries in excessively hot, humid areas. We recommend charging your stored eneloop batteries every year for optimal performance.

  • 2550mAh capacity
  • Can be recharged up to 500times
  • Green certification system