Scalextric C8333 Spark Plug Wireless Dongle

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Scalextric C8333 Spark Plug Wireless Dongle

TABLET OR PHONE CONTROL - You can now control your Scalextric car with your phone! Spark Plug is the latest innovation from Scalextric which allows you to race your car using your Android or IOS smart device. Simply plug the Spark Plug Wireless Dongle into your Scalextric analogue powerbase instead of a traditional hand controller, download the app and race away with no wires in the way!

AWESOME APP-BASED FEATURES - Other in-app features include: Single Player or Verses mode options / Option to use smart device vs hand controller in single player mode / Function to BOOST your own speed and RESTRICT your opponent's / Rumble feature with engine noise and other sound effects.

PERSONALISE YOUR RACING EXPERIENCE - Plus you can personalise your race profile within the app for a unique racing experience: Use your own name / Include images from your camera or image gallery / Multiple controller skin options / Select music from the app or your own music library / Customise for left or right handed play.

REQUIREMENTS - Scalextric Spark Plug is compatible with Scalextric 1:32 scale analogue power bases only. / One Wireless Dongle required per player. / The Scalextric Spark Plug is compatible with most Android and IOS devices, and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.