Tamiya Mini 4wd Batteries Power Champ RX 4pcs

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Tamiya Batteries Power Champ RX 4pcs

(Please note: These are not rechargeable batteries)

This is a 4 pack of high-performance alkaline battery that is ideal for mini 4WD racing. These high-performance AA alkaline batteries can be used in Tamiya's Mini 4WD sanctioned competitions and are reliable for racing.

Compared to the Power Champ RS, the high current discharge performance has been further improved to ensure strong performance and stamina when power is needed, such as in starting dashes and up slopes. In addition, it has excellent shock resistance and shows stable performance even on courses and jumps where the machine is shaken from side to side. It is also resistant to liquid leakage and has improved discharge performance after long-term storage.

- 12x (AA) alkaline batteries with 0 mercury